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Easy Arkansas Traveler Quilt Block

Easy Arkansas Traveler Quilt Block
The Photo by © Fabric406

Great news, quilters! Today we're tackling the Arkansas Traveler block, a spool-themed design from the Ladies Art Company. This block is perfect for beginners, but be aware there are other Arkansas Traveler variations out there, like the stunning diamond version. Let's get quilting ! 

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Learn to Quilt Stunning "Leaves" Blocks - Free Tutorial

Learn to Quilt Stunning "Leaves" Blocks - Free Tutorial
Photos above © The Melody of Sewing

The Melody of Sewing brings you a mesmerizing quilt block design: The Leaves Block!  This tutorial guides you through creating this beautiful block, perfect for quilts, table runners, toppers, and even wall panels.

The secret lies in using simple fabric strips, making it achievable for quilters of all levels. Get ready to transform your quilting journey with this captivating design!

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Pinwheel Quilt Block Tutorial

Pinwheel Quilt Block Tutorial
The Photo by © Melissa Mortenson

Pinwheel quilt blocks are a delightful and versatile addition to any quilter's toolbox. Their playful energy and charming design make them a perennial favorite.

Ready to bring a touch of whimsy to your next project? Look no further! The link below provides a comprehensive guide to mastering the pinwheel block.

Melissa Mortenson's detailed tutorial walks you through every step of the process, from selecting the perfect fabrics to creating stunning variations on the classic pinwheel design.

Whether you're a seasoned quilter or just starting out, this tutorial offers valuable insights and techniques to help you create beautiful pinwheel blocks in various sizes.

So, grab your favorite fabrics, click on the link below, and let the pinwheel fun begin!

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Cross My Mind Quilt Block

Cross My Mind Quilt Block
Designed by  © Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic

Prepare to be charmed by the "Cross My Mind" quilt block, designed by Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic! This stunning block is Block #9 in the popular Moda Blockheads 4 series, and its visual appeal has garnered well-deserved praise from quilters everywhere.

Head over to the link below to discover more about this captivating design. You'll find details about Brigitte Heitland, the talented designer behind the block, and a link to her blog where you can download a free pattern and delve deeper into her design philosophy.

The post also explores the block's versatility when it comes to fabric choices. The first stunning example utilizes Love Note fabric, while another showcases the block's beauty with Flower Pot fabric.  The author highlights the block's ability to beautifully accommodate unidirectional prints, making it a fantastic option for a wide range of fabric preferences.

So, if you're looking for a visually striking and adaptable quilt block to add to your repertoire, the "Cross My Mind" is definitely worth exploring. Click on the link below and let your creativity take flight!

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Divided Cross Free Quilt Block Pattern

Divided Cross Free Quilt Block Pattern

Calling all adventurous quilters! This Divided Cross block offers a touch more complexity than your average block, but fear not – it's the number of pieces, not the difficulty, that elevates it slightly.

Don't be intimidated! The good news is, all the individual patches you'll encounter are familiar friends – squares, rectangles, the ever-reliable half-square triangle, and even the quarter square triangle make an appearance.

Speedy Sewing Tip:

To streamline your construction and minimize the number of blocks to assemble, I recommend opting for the generously sized 16-inch block. This reduces the overall number of blocks needed for your quilt.

Construction with Ease:

Personally, I find it easier to construct blocks in manageable "chunks" rather than individual rows. So, to achieve that satisfying sense of progress, I've chosen the uneven nine-patch method for assembling this design.

Ready to dive into this captivating block? Grab your favorite fabrics and let's get sewing! (The free pattern at the link below.)

Get Free Pattern: Divided Cross

Ann's Star Quilt Block

Ann's Star Quilt Block
The Photo by © Auntie's Quaint Quilts

Ann's Star quilt block is a stunning pieced design that showcases a prominent star shape in the center. This block is constructed from various fabric pieces, including squares, rectangles, and half-square triangles, which are sewn together to create the star motif. The star points may either touch or be separated, depending on the specific variation of the block. 

As an "easy" quilt block, Ann's Star is an excellent choice for beginners or those looking for a quick project. 

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Diamond Double Quilt Tutorial

Diamond Double Quilt Tutorial
The Photo by © JinnyBeyer
Calling all quilters! Are you looking for a stunning and achievable project for your next quilt? Look no further than the Diamond Double quilt by Cozy Quilt Designs! This video tutorial will guide you through every step of assembling this captivating quilt, from cutting fabric to piecing the blocks.

But wait, there's more! We'll also delve into valuable tips and tricks to help you identify tricky bias edges and prevent them from stretching, ensuring your quilt top remains crisp and perfect.

So, grab your favorite fabrics and sewing machine, and get ready to create a dazzling Diamond Double quilt that will be a treasured addition to your home or a heartfelt gift!

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Alpine Cross Quilt Block

Alpine Cross Quilt Block
The Photo by © Delaware Quilts

Calling all quilters! This Alpine Cross block is a fantastic choice for your next project, offering a striking design with minimal complexity.

Made from just five patches, this block features prominently placed half-square triangles, along with rectangles and squares for a touch of variety. The beauty lies in your color selection – play with a bold, dark palette or a lighter, airy scheme. No matter your preference, this easy-to-assemble block guarantees a stunning finished quilt.

Ready to dive in? Let's get started! 

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Disappearing Hourglass - Double Vision

Disappearing Hourglass - Double Vision
The Photo by © Brita Nelson

Brita Nelson: This is my sixth Disappearing Quilt pattern. It is called Double Vision, with a shout-out to Donna DeAngelis for coming up with this great name.

I have a YouTube video for you demonstrating this pattern. At the end of the video, you will see how to earn a chance to win a free charm pack.

Each block uses four colors: one black square, one white square, one light color square, and one dark color square.

The quilt shown is 42" x 42" and is made of thirty-six 7" finished blocks, arranged 6 across by 6 down. This design is what I call "Charm Pack Friendly," meaning that the blocks don't need to be cut into exact thirds. In fact, this quilt is made using 5" x 5" charms. You can use any size squares you have, as long as you make the cuts on the hourglass somewhere near one third. The design will look fine.

To make this quilt, you will need:

  • 36 white squares
  • 36 black squares
  • 36 light color squares
  • 36 dark color squares

You can use purchased charms or cut your scraps into 5" charms, which is what I did. If you are using yardage for the white and black squares, you will need 3/4 yard of each. These measurements don't include binding or backing.

For the optional finishing shown at the end, you will need to make 14 more blocks.

Steps to Make the Quilt

1.Prepare HST Blocks:

  • Pair one black square with one light-colored square.
  • Pair one white square with one dark-colored square.
  • With right sides together, mark a line down the center (from corner to corner) and sew 1/4" on either side of the line. Cut apart at the line you drew. Open the HST blocks and press the seam to the dark side.
  • You will have two HSTs with black and light fabric and two HSTs with white and dark fabric. If your blocks are consistent, use them as is; if they are a little wonky, trim them to 4 1/2".

2.Create Hourglass Blocks:

  • Mix up the HST blocks so that each hourglass has four different colored fabrics: two different blocks with black triangles and two different blocks with white triangles.
  • Arrange the HSTs into an hourglass block, with the two dark triangles opposite each other and the two light triangles opposite each other. The black and white triangles should be on the outside of the block.

3.Cut and Rearrange Sub-Blocks:

  • Make 4 cuts, 1 1/4" from the center seam, to create 9 sub-blocks.
  • Rearrange the sub-blocks: exchange the upper left sub-block with the upper right sub-block and rotate them so that the small triangles are in the outer corners. Do the same for the lower left and lower right sub-blocks.
  • Sew the 9 sub-blocks together to get the finished block. Notice that the black pieces go with the dark fabric and the white pieces go with the light fabric.

4.Create Motifs:

  • When you have 4 of these blocks made, create a motif by arranging them so that the dark corners all go to the center. Notice that when they are sewn together, a black square with a light-colored diamond is created in the center. All four corners have black pieces in them, ensuring no worry about how the motifs are put together into the final quilt. The top center, right center, bottom center, and left center all have half of a white square. When these motifs are put together, they will form complete white squares with dark diamonds in the center.

Optional Finishing

A member of Block Party Quilters in Seattle suggested a way to make the quilt look a little more "finished."

  • Take an extra finished block and use a seam ripper to divide the block in half. Alternatively, you could cut the block in half, losing the seam allowance but saving work.
  • Arrange the half block so that the black and white corners complete the black and white squares. You will need to cut half of the blocks horizontally and half vertically to match up all the edges.
  • Take them apart one at a time and place them on the quilt top. It will become obvious what is meant. This makes all the white and black squares look complete.
  • To go all around the quilt, you will need 14 additional blocks. It looks nice but requires extra work.

Exploding Star Quilt Block Tutorial & Pattern

Exploding Star Quilt Block Tutorial & Pattern
The Photo by © DIY Tutorial Ideas

Today, I’m excited to guide you through the creation of the Exploding Star Quilt Block. The provided diagram will assist you in color placement within the block, with blank areas indicating sections made from background fabric.

For a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial that’s absolutely free, simply follow the link provided. Dive into this project and watch as the Exploding Star comes to life in your hands.

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Cactus Wreath Quilt

Cactus Wreath Quilt
Cactus Wreath Quilt by © Dee Pilch
Jordan Fabrics has a delightful Cactus Wreath Quilt on offer, expertly crafted by Cozy Quilt Designs! This lovely pattern is ideal for adding a touch of the southwest to your home decor. Best of all, the tutorial is available as a free, so you can dive right into this exciting project. Ready to start your quilting journey? Simply click the link below to access the "Cactus Wreath Quilt Tutorial by Cozy Quilt Designs for Jordan Fabrics" and get your hands on the instructions to begin creating your very own stunning cactus wreath quilt! Happy quilting!

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3 Steps to Bargello Quilts

3 Steps to Bargello Quilts
The Photo by © Amish Country Lanes

Bargello quilts captivate with their dynamic flow of colors and patterns. But creating these beauties might seem intimidating at first. Fear not! Here's a breakdown of the process into three fundamental steps:

Sewing Horizontal Stripes: Begin by constructing sets of fabric strips sewn together horizontally. This creates a foundation for the vibrant design.

Slicing into Vertical Segments:  Next, take those horizontal strip sets and carefully cut them into vertical sections. The width of each section can vary, adding to the visual intrigue.

Shifting and Sewing: Now comes the magic! Reassemble the vertical segments, but with a twist.  Shift them up or down slightly compared to their original order. This is what creates the mesmerizing Bargello effect.

By mastering these three steps, you'll be well on your way to crafting stunning Bargello quilts.  

Follow the link for the full tutorial: 3 Steps to Bargello Quilts

Carpenter Star Quilt

Carpenter Star Quilt
Carpenter Star Quilt by © Terri Faust

This beautiful Carpenter Star Quilt pattern is designed by MaryQuilts and it's completely free to download! The classic Carpenter Star block is a great choice for quilters of all skill levels.

Ready to get started?

Head over to MaryQuilts' website to download the free pattern and bring this stunning quilt to life!

Download Pattern: Carpenter Star Quilt

Autumn Leaf Block

Autumn Leaf Block
Autumn Leaf Block by ©  Amy Smart

This week's RBD Block Challenge from Riley Blake Designs features a beautiful Autumn Leaf Block! Designed by Amy Smart of Quiet Play Designs, this block is perfect for adding a touch of fall flair to your next quilt project. The best part? The pattern is completely free!

Download Pattern: Autumn Leaf Block

The Colorful Snail Trail Quilt

The Colorful Snail Trail Quilt
Photo uploaded by © Cheryl Stokes

This beautiful Snail Trail Quilt, pictured on Pinterest by Cheryl Stokes, can be created using a free tutorial by Jenny Doan of Missouri Quilt Co.

Jenny's tutorial guides you through constructing this classic block using precut 10-inch squares of fabric (layer cakes). In the video, she demonstrates the technique with Dutchess Metallic 10" Squares by Timeless Treasures, but you can easily substitute your favorite fabrics! 

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Log Cabin Barn Raising

Log Cabin Barn Raising
The Photo by © Paohctny

Calling All Beginners: Make a Striking Log Cabin Block! The Log Cabin quilt block is a perfect project for those just starting their quilting journey.  This classic design uses strips of contrasting light and dark fabrics to create a bold, graphic look.  The piecing is simple and straightforward, yet the finished results are impressive!

No need to search for a pattern!  This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to create your own stunning Log Cabin block.

Download Pattern: Log Cabin Barn Raising

5 Inspiring Ideas for Log Cabin Quilt Blocks

5 Inspiring Ideas for Log Cabin Quilt Blocks
The Photo by © National Quilters Circle

The humble Log Cabin block – a timeless classic!  While known for its simplicity, this versatile design offers endless possibilities for quilters of all levels.  Ready to breathe new life into this traditional pattern?  Look no further!  We've gathered a collection of exciting ideas and techniques to transform your Log Cabin blocks into stunning creations.  Let your creativity soar and craft a quilt that's uniquely you!

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Amish Dahlia Quilt Block

Amish Dahlia Quilt Block
The Photo by © Amish Country Lanes

The Amish Dahlia Quilt Block, designed by Marcia Hohn for Quilters Cache, features a stunning floral pattern in pink and red fabrics. The meticulous quilting adds to the beauty of this piece, reminiscent of a real dahlia. The quilt also boasts an attractive scalloped border. Crafted by a local Amish woman from Lancaster County, this quilt is a true masterpiece.

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Snowflake Quilt Block

Free Snowflake Quilt Block Pattern
The Photo by © Afton Warrick (Quilting Mod)

Free Snowflake Quilt Block Tutorial by Afton Warrick. Quilting Mod's Afton Warrick is excited to share a free tutorial for a beautiful snowflake quilt block! This project is perfect for showcasing the new Add-A-Quarter Ruler with its tapered edge, eliminating the need for separate template material.  Dive into the tutorial and start creating your own winter wonderland quilt!

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Morning Star Quilt Tutorial

Morning Star Quilt
The Photo by © Lori’s Morning Star quilt.

Don't be fooled by appearances! The charming Morning Star Quilt, with its captivating design, is surprisingly simple to create. The secret lies in the clever use of sashing, which creates the illusion of complexity. The quilt blocks themselves are just squares of fabric, making this project perfect for quilters of all skill levels.

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