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Divided Cross Free Quilt Block Pattern

Divided Cross Free Quilt Block Pattern

Calling all adventurous quilters! This Divided Cross block offers a touch more complexity than your average block, but fear not – it's the number of pieces, not the difficulty, that elevates it slightly.

Don't be intimidated! The good news is, all the individual patches you'll encounter are familiar friends – squares, rectangles, the ever-reliable half-square triangle, and even the quarter square triangle make an appearance.

Speedy Sewing Tip:

To streamline your construction and minimize the number of blocks to assemble, I recommend opting for the generously sized 16-inch block. This reduces the overall number of blocks needed for your quilt.

Construction with Ease:

Personally, I find it easier to construct blocks in manageable "chunks" rather than individual rows. So, to achieve that satisfying sense of progress, I've chosen the uneven nine-patch method for assembling this design.

Ready to dive into this captivating block? Grab your favorite fabrics and let's get sewing! (The free pattern at the link below.)

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