Follow The following quilting patterns are from external sources and are not created by me. I have provided the links to the original designers who have kindly offered their patterns for free. Please direct any inquiries about the quilting techniques to the respective designers.

12 Captivating Quilt Blocks Made Simple with HSTs and Squares

12 Free and Easy Half Square Triangle Quilt Block Patterns
Photos by © Elaine Huff of Fabric406

Calling all beginner and seasoned quilters alike! Unleash your creativity with these 12 delightful quilt blocks, crafted solely from Half Square Triangles (HSTs) and squares.

The humble HST, a cornerstone of quilting, takes center stage in these charming designs. While many blocks incorporate HSTs, these examples showcase their versatility in creating stunning patterns on their own.

For a touch of simplicity, I've used just two colors in the following examples. But feel free to add more colors to your palette and unlock a world of design possibilities!

Remember, all these blocks are based on a user-friendly 4 x 4 layout, making them perfect for quilters of all skill levels. So grab your favorite fabrics and get ready to bring these captivating blocks to life!

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