Follow The following quilting patterns are from external sources and are not created by me. I have provided the links to the original designers who have kindly offered their patterns for free. Please direct any inquiries about the quilting techniques to the respective designers.

Free Wedding Quilt Block

Free Wedding Quilt Block
Designed by © Judie Bellingham

A wedding quilt is a wonderful way to celebrate the union of two people and to create a lasting memory of their special day. A wedding quilt can also be a fun and interactive activity for the guests, who can write their messages and signatures on the quilt blocks.

This pattern is for a simple and elegant wedding quilt block that features nine cream squares surrounded by green strips. The cream squares are perfect for writing your best wishes and signatures for the happy couple. The green strips add some contrast and color to the block. You can use any green fabric you like, or mix and match different shades of green for a scrappy look.

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