Follow The following quilting patterns are from external sources and are not created by me. I have provided the links to the original designers who have kindly offered their patterns for free. Please direct any inquiries about the quilting techniques to the respective designers.

Easy Brick Quilt

Easy Brick Quilt
Designed By © Rachel McDaniel Hayes

If you are looking for a simple and fun quilt project, you might want to try the Easy Brick Quilt designed by Rachel McDaniel Hayes from Around the Blocks. This pattern is available for free, and it uses only two fabrics: a solid and a print. You can make this quilt any size you want by adjusting the number of blocks. The blocks are made by cutting rectangles and sewing them together in a staggered arrangement. This creates a brick-like effect that is very eye-catching. I love how this quilt looks with its bright colors and geometric prints. The designer got the idea for this quilt from some pictures she saw on Pinterest, and she decided to create her own version of it.

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