Mexican Stars Quilt - Free Pattern

Mexican Stars Quilt - Free Pattern
The Photo above © Southwind Designs
What beautiful quilting pattern! I found it on Pinterest...
Mexican Stars is a pattern by Southwind Designs.
Curves are made from straight lines adding softness to the quilt. This quilt pattern is available as a free download...

Download Pattern: Mexican Stars Quilt

Kisses Quilt - Free Pattern

Kisses Quilt - Free Pattern
Photos above © Caroline - SewCanShe
What beautiful quilt (free pattern)! I found it on Pinterest.
This is a great quilt to sew while hanging out with friends (or taking a break from more complicated projects) because piecing it together is very simple and repetitive.
Are you ready? Let’s make the Kisses Quilt! 

Full Post: Kisses Quilt
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